BOB Strollers - Save 20%

admin on June 4th, 2009

BOB StrollerThere are several BOB strollers to choose from. You will find with each one of the BOB Strollers they offer convenience for every type of lifestyle. Parents will be able to choose from a wide variety of options in each stroller to make outing more convenient for the entire family.

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BOB Revolution Strollers: These are great for light jogging and running errands around town.  This stroller comes with a 12″ front wheel and 16″ back wheels.  The front wheel is a swivel wheel that can be locked.

BOB Revolution 12″ AW Strollers : Just like the 12″ version, these are great for light jogging and running errands around town.  However, all three wheels on this stroller are 12″. The smaller wheels makes the stroller slightly smaller when storing it.

BOB Ironman Strollers: These are great for runners.  The front wheel does not swivel and the stroller is designed for those who want it for running. The BOB Ironman has two colors to choose from. One is a bright yellow with red trim. Since the Ironman is mainly for your fitness gurus the bright yellow with help keep them safe on the road while working out. The second color is blue with silver looking trim. This will help hide dirt for exercising outdoors between cleanings.

BOB Sport Utility Strollers: Also knows as BOB SUS strollers, these are great for those who like to go off-road.  It comes with thickly treaded tires and mag wheels which is great for hiking on trails.

BOB Sport Utility D’UX Stroller: These strollers are great for parents who like to stay on the pavement. D’LUX offers; narrow, 16 inch, low-profile, and high-pressure tires. It comes with a fixed front wheel to give added stability while going for a jog.

BOB Stroller Strides Strollers: This one is similar to the BOB Revolution but comes with a fitness pack.  It is used by Stroller strides, which is an exercise class that uses strollers.

BOB makes all different strollers that will fit several different lifestyles. BOB understands every family is different and enjoys different outings. All BOB strollers come in a single and duallie version. The Duallie version gives parents with two children the same freedom as parents with one. You can find the Duallie’s in all version of the Bob Strollers and all of the same comforts as the other models. Duallie’s are just as easy to handle as the single Bob Strollers and has the same classic look to them.

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BOB Revolution Sale

admin on March 23rd, 2009

“With The BOB Revolution Stroller

You Will Push With a Breeze,

Turn on a Dime,

and Jog Like a Pro.

And your baby will thank you with a happy smile.”


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Normally there are no sales on the BOB Revolution and all stores are required to keep the price at a certain level. However, every once in a while BOB allows a store to give a 10% discount on all BOB strollers. On rare occasions it is even possible to find BOB Revolution sales that give a 20% saving on the strollers.

If you need a BOB Revolution stroller, your best bet is to look around at sites like and see whether there is a current sale going on. If there is no sale going on and you do not need the stroller urgently, just wait for the next BOB Revolution sale and save yourself some money.

With the extra money you might want to get some accessories for your stroller. But that’s up to you.

The important part is that you got the BOB Revolution on sale, isn’t it?

The Revolution is ultra padded for children’s comfort when taking a stroll. It offers state of the art suspension system. This helps keep children happy when going on uneven or bumpy surfaces. It also helps Mom and Dad steer with ease. 

The BOB Revolution stroller comes in five modern colors:

Blue with a Silver trim this is great for both girls and boys! However, you have the added benefit that dad will be pleased pushing this style around town.

Brown with Pink trim this is great for showing off your little princess.

Orange with a Brown trim, this style is also great for both girls and boys. It is also great because it offers a brighter color that it easier to see while on your walk.

Brown and Blue is a heavily sought after style right now. You will find many parents are choosing stylish Brown and Blue.

Black with a tan trim is a classic color combination that doesn’t go out of style. The color combination is great for both girls and boys. It also helps hide stains!

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BOB Duallie Stroller

admin on February 15th, 2009

BOB Duallie Stroller is BOB Gear’s name for its Double Strollers.

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There are several BOB Duallie strollers, although when people say BOB Duallie - they are usually referring to the BOB Revolution Duallie Stroller.

The Duallie models gives parent with two children the same options of parents with only one child. Having two children that are still in the stroller age is hard enough, let alone trying to go on an outing without the proper gear. The proper gear for parents of two still in strollers can make the difference of a wonderful outing or looking at you watching for when it will end.

BOB Duallie - RevolutionBOB Revolution Duallie
This is the most popular of BOB’s Duallie strollers. It’s a great stroller for everyday use and light jogging. This stroller has a great design and sleek color choices for you to choose from. It has a swivel wheel that turns on a dime, but can be locked for jogging. It comes in orange and navy.

BOB Duallie - Revolution 12BOB Revolution Duallie 12″ AW
This is very similar to the BOB Revolution Duallie, except that the front wheel is 12″ in diameter instead of 16″. This makes it better for city use since it turns better and folds smaller. The Revolution 12″ AW makes running errands a breeze with its sleek design. On the other hand, the 16″ wheel is better for jogging. The BOB Revolution 12″ AW comes in navy and black.

BOB Duallie - Stroller StridesBOB Stroller Strides Duallie
The Stroller Strides stroller is also similar to the BOB Revolution but it comes with a fitness pack and is used by Moms for exercising with their strollers. There are Stroller Strides groups out there that teach exercising with strollers on a regular basis. The Stroller Stride is a great way to stay in shape while having fun with baby! The Stroller Strides Duallie is Red.

BOB Duallie - IronmanBOB Ironman Duallie
The Ironman Duallie is a great stroller for jogging. The Ironman gives baby comfort while parent’s stay in shape! It’s not as good for city use, but it is really great for running on paved roads. The front wheel is fixed, so it doesn’t turn as easily as the Revolution and Stroller Strides. The BOB Ironman Duallie comes in yellow and navy.

BOB Duallie - Sport Utility StrollerBOB Sport Utility Duallie (SUS)
The BOB Sport Utility Duallie Stroller (or BOB SUS Duallie) is great for off-road. So if you plan on jogging and taking your stroller off-road - this is a good stroller to consider. SUS stroller is great for parent who like to venture out into nature from time to time. Also here the front wheel is fixed so it is not as great for running errands. The BOB Sport Utility comes in Red and Blue.

BOB Duallie Strollers are very easy to turn and maneuver around any obstacle or terrian. Parents will forget they are pushing a double stroller. The BOB Duallie offers ease while toting the children around for a fun family outing. 

Whether you’re a parent who runs around town enjoying regular errands or you want to bond with your bundle of joy while taking a stroll through the park, BOB has made a stroller just for you. Parents are finding themselves spread thin between work and family. Any type of extra convenience for their family can help create more family time. BOB has done this with their Duallie models. They offer a great double stroller for parents on the go with two little ones. This makes it much more convenient for parents of two, to load up, strap in, and go!

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BOB Revolution 12” AW Stroller - Save 10%

admin on January 18th, 2009

The BOB Revolution 12″ AW is on sale now.

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The BOB Revolution 12” AW (aluminum wheel) stroller differs from the original BOB Revolution stroller by its front wheel.

The original BOB Revolution stroller has 2 12″ wheels in the back and a 16″ wheel in the front. The 12″ AW stroller has a 12″ wheel in the front for better handling in the city.

Designed for those who want to do more walking than running, this stroller is lighter and folds more compactly than the previous one. The BOB Revolution 12″ AW is also much easier to turn than the original model, which is perfect when going shopping in the mall on in a supermarket with narrow isles.

Revolution 12” only weighs 21.9 lbs; this makes it much easier on parents when lifting in and out of their vehicle. This stroller is able to hold up to 70 lbs. Which will give parents extended use of their stroller. The Revolution is made to last and uphold for everyday use, on the go errands, and for light exercising.

This stroller really is very light which makes it so easy to push and carry.  The welded aluminum frame is strong and can handle everyday bumps pretty well.  The fabric is washable which is something that moms and dads really like and comes in handy with today’s fast paced life. When you are ready to do some jogging, just lock the front swivel wheel and get going.

There is a storage basket under the stroller which is great for holding all kind of things.  There is a pocket in the back which is great for small things you need handy like a phone or your money.  The BOB Revolution 12″ AW can be purchased with a car seat adapter which is compatible with many popular car seats.

The BOB Revolution 12″ AW is one of the best strollers in the market.  People really like it and it has great customer reviews online.  It is easy to steer, compact when folded, and lightweight.  Both parents and babies enjoy it very much. The stroller is available in black, coffee/chocolate, and navy.  It is also available as a Revolution Duallie which is great if you have 2 kids.  It comes with a 5 point harness that has extra padding for added comfort.  The tires are good for the city and off-road hiking.  The seat reclines so that your child can lay down and sleep when he or she gets tired.

In conclusion, the BOB Revolution 12″ AW is great for running errands, walking outside, or light jogging.  It is a very high quality stroller which will last for many years and still work well.

The BOB Revolution 12” AW offers three fashionable color options:

Black with tan trim offers a sleek look and adds to the design. Since the seat has black material it helps hide stains.

Blue with silver trim offers a little color and flare to your already modern stroller. This is great for both girls and boys.

Tan with a brown trim is highly fashionable right now. Stay up to date and in style with this color selection.

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BOB Revolution Navy Single Stroller

admin on December 15th, 2008

BOB Revolution stroller Navy

Today I want to talk about the BOB Revolution navy stroller. I’m going to discuss the BOB Revolution in general and then I will show you photos of the navy BOB Revolution stroller.

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If you just want to buy the BOB Revolution Stroller without reading my review, go visit now. They have great customer service and a good site that is easy to navigate.

Get the BOB Revolution navy stroller Here!

Now to my review.

The navy BOB Revolution stroller is a great all-purpose stroller. You can use it for your daily errands, for off-road hikes, and for jogging. The 16″ wheels are great for the outdoors. Keep in mind that if you mainly want your stroller for running errands, consider getting the BOB Revolution 12″ AW which has a 12″ front wheel that makes turning easier and folding more compact.

The front wheel of the BOB Revolution Navy stroller is a swivel wheel. What this means for you is that it is really easy to turn corners with it. This gets very useful in crowded malls and when walking down the isle in the supermarket. The front wheel of the Revolution stroller can be locked for jogging purposes. This keeps you jogging in a straight line so you are actually going where you want to go…

The navy BOB Revolution stroller is a great color because it looks great for boys and girls and it doesn’t get dirty easily. If you do get the navy BOB Revolution, you might also want to get the navy BOB diaper bag. For more information on the BOB diaper bag, please see my previous post.

Picking a color is a fun part of purchasing your stroller and if you like navy - go for it.

Before I post some photos of the BOB Revolution Stroller - Navy, there’s something I wanted to add.

I am going to go a bit off topic now, but the color navy blue reminds me of a different kind of ‘blue’. I participate in a parenting forum and I noticed a few posts of women after birth having the baby blues. Having had a few kids, I’d like to post a few pointers on how to prevent the baby blues, or at least how to feel less depressed after birth:

  1. Get enough sleep - too many first-time mothers have told me that they don’t have time to sleep and it’s just not right. Someone who is sleep deprived is very likely to get depressed and women after birth are often sleep deprived.
  1. Eat well. Well balanced nutritious meals can make a big difference in how you feel and is really important in strengthening the body after birth.
  2. Keep the baby with you as much as possible. My personal experience has been that if I am separated from the baby in the hospital or at home I get depressed. So make sure the baby sleeps in your room, and carry the baby around close to you.

Note that these pointers are not going to help women who have postpartum depression. If you think someone you know has postpartum depression, please encourage them to see their doctor about it.

Anyway, here are the photos I promised:

BOB Revolution navy basket

BOB Revolution Navy Basket

BOB Revolution Navy Front Wheel

BOB Revolution Navy Front Wheel

As you can see in the photo, this stroller offers storage space big enough to fit your diaper bag and it still leaves plenty of room for extra things you might need to take along!

The Revolution only weighs in at 23 lbs saving parents energy for playtime! The Revolution model can hold your baby all the way into the toddler age, so you will get plenty of use out of your stroller. The front wheel swivel feature give parents comfort when going over uneven surfaces. The front swivel wheel helps maneuver when in tight spaces. The Revolution offers a state of the art suspension system; this will help give baby a smooth comfortable safe ride.

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BOB Revolution Black 12 AW Single Stroller

admin on December 14th, 2008

BOB Revolution 12

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The BOB Revolution Black 12” AW single stroller is very popular.

Many Dads especially seem to like the color black much more than pink or blue, but Moms also like it because it doesn’t get dirty fast and works well for boys and girls.

Where to Buy the BOB Revolution Black 12” AW Stroller

If you’re not into coupons, my favorite place to buy the The BOB Revolution Black 12” is  They have a great online store with great customer service and prices.

Get the BOB Revolution Black 12” AW at REI Here!

A Review of the BOB Revolution Black 12” AW Stroller

Let’s talk about BOB strollers for a minute.

The BOB Revolution is made by BOB Gear. BOB Gear is known for making rugged high quality all-terrain and jogging strollers. The Revolution stroller is one of their more popular models.

The BOB Revolution Black 12” AW is great for people who like the outdoors but want to use their stroller for every day errands as well. It works well for all-terrain hikers and joggers, although if you mainly want your stroller for jogging - it’s probably better for you to get the 16” front wheel. The 12” wheel makes it turn better and fold more compact, but the 16” wheel is better for jogging. For hard core jogging, consider getting the BOB Ironman instead.

As I said, the the BOB Revolution Black 12” AW has a 12” wheel in the front. The front wheel is a swivel wheel that can be locked into place while jogging. It has a tracking mechansim to help you correct any misalignment that may occur while jogging. The back wheels are 16”

The BOB Revolution Black 12” AW weighs only 23 pounds but can carry a child up to 70 pounds.

It has convenient mesh pockets on the sides, and a 70 degree seat recline.

It utilizes an easy to use convenient foot break.

The BOB Revolution Black 12” AW is easy to fold, and folds very compact. All 3 wheels are easy to remove and will make the stroller fold even smaller.

BOB Revolution Black 12” AW Photos

BOB Revolution Black 12

BOB Revolution Black 12” AW

BOB Revolution Black 12

BOB Revolution Black 12” AW Basket

BOB Revolution Black 12

BOB Revolution Black 12” AW Front Wheel

BOB Revolution Black 12

BOB Revolution Black 12” AW Seat

BOB Revolution Black 12” AW Accessories:

Accessories for the BOB Revolution 12″ AW include:

  • A handlebar console
  • Car seat adapter
  • Weather shield
  • Sun Shield
  • Travel bag
  • Stroller Strides fitness kit

I am going to talk about these accessories in later posts.

You might also want to get:

  • A car seat that can be used with your Revolution stroller
  • A diaper bag to match your Revolution stroller

The Revolution 12 AW offers parents a few different storage options. Parents will find they have a large seatback pocket, not one but two interior pockets, and a large cargo basket. This gives parents plenty of room to store a diaper bag, snacks, drinks, and still have room for any extras they may want to pack.

Regarding the diaper bag, consider getting the Black/Camel BOB diaper bag.  It matches perfectly with the BOB Revolution 12″ AW and features:

  • A coordinating 31″ x 12″ waterproof, stinkproof changing pad
  • Adjustable shoulder strap,
  • Insulated bottle pocket
  • Removable waterproof divider
  • Insulated bottle pocket
  • Separate zippered pockets for parents and baby
  • Key clip
  • Fleece-lined glasses pocket
  • Easily accessible diaper pocket

I will talk about that later, too.

Celebrities using the BOB Revolution Black 12” AW

Singer and mama Sheryl Crow was spotted working out with son Wyatt in her Hollywood neighborhood. Wyatt rode in a BOB Revolution Black 12” AW single stroller.  Here are some photos:

BOB Revolution Black 12

BOB Revolution Black 12

Do You Have Anything to Add?

Please leave a comment and add your experiences with the BOB Revolution Black 12″ AW Stoller!

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Welcome to the BOB Revolution Fan Site

admin on December 13th, 2008

Hi and welcome to the BOB Revolution fan site


This site is not affiliated in any way with BOB gear.  It’s just a place for BOB Revolution fans to get together and follow the news on the Revolution stroller.


I’ll be updating this blog regularly.  I will start with some stroller reviews and insert news items when appropriate.


Please feel free to add your comments.  I look forward to seeing you all here!

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