Stroller Exercises

admin on June 20th, 2009

Before we start, there’s great news!

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Stroller exercises help you stay healthy and active while bonding with your baby! There are several workout techniques you can do with your stroller so parent and baby can have fun while staying in shape. This is the latest thing for families to do together. Certain gyms offer classes for you to bring your stroller in and workout with baby!

Crunches – This is a great exercise for Mom’s to do after having baby. It will help get your stomach back in shape in no time. You start by lying on the floor and put your feet around the front wheel. You will do your crunches as normal. One difference is when you come up tickle baby or give a high five to your toddler. This will keep Mom in shape while baby gets to laugh.

Lunges – A wonderful exercise for parents to keep or get their thighs and buttock in shape. Parents can choose to do this in the comfort of their home or while on a walk. You start by taking a larger step hold and then bring your body downwards bending your back leg towards the ground. Make sure to hold your core tight.

Chair Position – This is a great way to strengthen several parts of your body at once. Stand in front of your stroller and move into the chair position. Hold this as long as you can and then repeat. Parents can sing songs or play patty cake with baby.

Run or Walk – You can gain extra muscle tone by pushing a stroller when on a walk or run. Several areas have workout groups for parents to take baby on a walk or run. This gives the parents fitness while bonding with baby and other parents.

Staying healthy and fit not only improves your health, but gives you more energy for keeping up with baby. Staying active also allows parents to get a better nights rest, so you can wake up in the morning ready to go. Including baby in your workout provides a great bonding experience between parent and baby.

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Welcome to the BOB Revolution Fan Site

admin on December 13th, 2008

Hi and welcome to the BOB Revolution fan site


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