BOB Revolution Navy Single Stroller

admin on December 15th, 2008

BOB Revolution stroller Navy

Today I want to talk about the BOB Revolution navy stroller. I’m going to discuss the BOB Revolution in general and then I will show you photos of the navy BOB Revolution stroller.

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If you just want to buy the BOB Revolution Stroller without reading my review, go visit now. They have great customer service and a good site that is easy to navigate.

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Now to my review.

The navy BOB Revolution stroller is a great all-purpose stroller. You can use it for your daily errands, for off-road hikes, and for jogging. The 16″ wheels are great for the outdoors. Keep in mind that if you mainly want your stroller for running errands, consider getting the BOB Revolution 12″ AW which has a 12″ front wheel that makes turning easier and folding more compact.

The front wheel of the BOB Revolution Navy stroller is a swivel wheel. What this means for you is that it is really easy to turn corners with it. This gets very useful in crowded malls and when walking down the isle in the supermarket. The front wheel of the Revolution stroller can be locked for jogging purposes. This keeps you jogging in a straight line so you are actually going where you want to go…

The navy BOB Revolution stroller is a great color because it looks great for boys and girls and it doesn’t get dirty easily. If you do get the navy BOB Revolution, you might also want to get the navy BOB diaper bag. For more information on the BOB diaper bag, please see my previous post.

Picking a color is a fun part of purchasing your stroller and if you like navy - go for it.

Before I post some photos of the BOB Revolution Stroller - Navy, there’s something I wanted to add.

I am going to go a bit off topic now, but the color navy blue reminds me of a different kind of ‘blue’. I participate in a parenting forum and I noticed a few posts of women after birth having the baby blues. Having had a few kids, I’d like to post a few pointers on how to prevent the baby blues, or at least how to feel less depressed after birth:

  1. Get enough sleep - too many first-time mothers have told me that they don’t have time to sleep and it’s just not right. Someone who is sleep deprived is very likely to get depressed and women after birth are often sleep deprived.
  1. Eat well. Well balanced nutritious meals can make a big difference in how you feel and is really important in strengthening the body after birth.
  2. Keep the baby with you as much as possible. My personal experience has been that if I am separated from the baby in the hospital or at home I get depressed. So make sure the baby sleeps in your room, and carry the baby around close to you.

Note that these pointers are not going to help women who have postpartum depression. If you think someone you know has postpartum depression, please encourage them to see their doctor about it.

Anyway, here are the photos I promised:

BOB Revolution navy basket

BOB Revolution Navy Basket

BOB Revolution Navy Front Wheel

BOB Revolution Navy Front Wheel

As you can see in the photo, this stroller offers storage space big enough to fit your diaper bag and it still leaves plenty of room for extra things you might need to take along!

The Revolution only weighs in at 23 lbs saving parents energy for playtime! The Revolution model can hold your baby all the way into the toddler age, so you will get plenty of use out of your stroller. The front wheel swivel feature give parents comfort when going over uneven surfaces. The front swivel wheel helps maneuver when in tight spaces. The Revolution offers a state of the art suspension system; this will help give baby a smooth comfortable safe ride.

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