BOB Revolution 12” AW Stroller - Save 10%

admin on January 18th, 2009

The BOB Revolution 12″ AW is on sale now.

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The BOB Revolution 12” AW (aluminum wheel) stroller differs from the original BOB Revolution stroller by its front wheel.

The original BOB Revolution stroller has 2 12″ wheels in the back and a 16″ wheel in the front. The 12″ AW stroller has a 12″ wheel in the front for better handling in the city.

Designed for those who want to do more walking than running, this stroller is lighter and folds more compactly than the previous one. The BOB Revolution 12″ AW is also much easier to turn than the original model, which is perfect when going shopping in the mall on in a supermarket with narrow isles.

Revolution 12” only weighs 21.9 lbs; this makes it much easier on parents when lifting in and out of their vehicle. This stroller is able to hold up to 70 lbs. Which will give parents extended use of their stroller. The Revolution is made to last and uphold for everyday use, on the go errands, and for light exercising.

This stroller really is very light which makes it so easy to push and carry.  The welded aluminum frame is strong and can handle everyday bumps pretty well.  The fabric is washable which is something that moms and dads really like and comes in handy with today’s fast paced life. When you are ready to do some jogging, just lock the front swivel wheel and get going.

There is a storage basket under the stroller which is great for holding all kind of things.  There is a pocket in the back which is great for small things you need handy like a phone or your money.  The BOB Revolution 12″ AW can be purchased with a car seat adapter which is compatible with many popular car seats.

The BOB Revolution 12″ AW is one of the best strollers in the market.  People really like it and it has great customer reviews online.  It is easy to steer, compact when folded, and lightweight.  Both parents and babies enjoy it very much. The stroller is available in black, coffee/chocolate, and navy.  It is also available as a Revolution Duallie which is great if you have 2 kids.  It comes with a 5 point harness that has extra padding for added comfort.  The tires are good for the city and off-road hiking.  The seat reclines so that your child can lay down and sleep when he or she gets tired.

In conclusion, the BOB Revolution 12″ AW is great for running errands, walking outside, or light jogging.  It is a very high quality stroller which will last for many years and still work well.

The BOB Revolution 12” AW offers three fashionable color options:

Black with tan trim offers a sleek look and adds to the design. Since the seat has black material it helps hide stains.

Blue with silver trim offers a little color and flare to your already modern stroller. This is great for both girls and boys.

Tan with a brown trim is highly fashionable right now. Stay up to date and in style with this color selection.

2 Responses to “BOB Revolution 12” AW Stroller - Save 10%”

  1. Hi, I am have been looking into your BOB Revotion 12AW and it is not clear to me until what age the stroller can be used.
    I read in a comment that one costomer couldn’t fit her 7 months old baby daughther in the stroller anymore because she was to big(??). Can you please enlighten me!
    Thanks for your reply.
    Nick Kessel

  2. Lots of people use the stroller for toddlers, so not being able to use it at 7 months sounds very unlikely.


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