BOB Revolution Duallie Stroller Review

admin on February 16th, 2010

Today I’d like to give you a BOB Revolution Duallie stroller review.

First of all, here’s a video with some close up images:

The Revolution Duallie is very popular for many reasons.  It is easy to push, comfortable for your child, and very durable.  It comes in mesa orange and navy blue.

This stroller comes in two models.  The regular one, and the 12″ AW.

The BOB Revolution Duallie AW (or BOB Revolution Stroller 12″ AW) is a slightly different than the regular model.

In this model all 3 wheels are 12″ wheels.  This means that it is more compact and easier to maneuver.  Get this model if you just plan to use your stroller in the city and don’t really need it for light jogging or tougher terrains.

There are several accessories that you can add to your stroller.

There is a handlebar console, a fitness kit, and a BOB diaper bag.

You can even get a BOB Revolution Duallie weather shield to protect your child in the winter.

Lots of people come to this site looking for a closeout.  BOB Revolution Duallie strollers are not cheap, and everybody wants a good price.

The problem is that this is not easy to find.

Usually the best deals can be found at the REI semi-annual sale.  You can get up to 20% off your stroller then.  To stay updated and get an email as soon as a sale starts, sign up to a sales tracking site such as

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