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admin on March 23rd, 2009

“With The BOB Revolution Stroller

You Will Push With a Breeze,

Turn on a Dime,

and Jog Like a Pro.

And your baby will thank you with a happy smile.”


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Normally there are no sales on the BOB Revolution and all stores are required to keep the price at a certain level. However, every once in a while BOB allows a store to give a 10% discount on all BOB strollers. On rare occasions it is even possible to find BOB Revolution sales that give a 20% saving on the strollers.

If you need a BOB Revolution stroller, your best bet is to look around at sites like and see whether there is a current sale going on. If there is no sale going on and you do not need the stroller urgently, just wait for the next BOB Revolution sale and save yourself some money.

With the extra money you might want to get some accessories for your stroller. But that’s up to you.

The important part is that you got the BOB Revolution on sale, isn’t it?

The Revolution is ultra padded for children’s comfort when taking a stroll. It offers state of the art suspension system. This helps keep children happy when going on uneven or bumpy surfaces. It also helps Mom and Dad steer with ease. 

The BOB Revolution stroller comes in five modern colors:

Blue with a Silver trim this is great for both girls and boys! However, you have the added benefit that dad will be pleased pushing this style around town.

Brown with Pink trim this is great for showing off your little princess.

Orange with a Brown trim, this style is also great for both girls and boys. It is also great because it offers a brighter color that it easier to see while on your walk.

Brown and Blue is a heavily sought after style right now. You will find many parents are choosing stylish Brown and Blue.

Black with a tan trim is a classic color combination that doesn’t go out of style. The color combination is great for both girls and boys. It also helps hide stains!

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